Khulani means "To GROW". Khulani welcomes you to a new side of educations given with LOVE and CARE ... A home away from home for your loved ones ...

Our school passed our Health & Safety Inspection with flying colors. Thank You we also passed inspection by the Department of Social Development. All schools are required to receive this inspection.

Your peace of mind and your child's happiness is always our aim. Nothing should ever be allowed in our way of performing this task. Clear and open communication between parents, staff and management is the only sure way of doing just that.

Kindly contact our office on the following numbers (011) 913-2251 or (011)913-2308. You are welcome to contact me directly: Mary-Ann Taljaard 24/7 on 082 852 4744

Please feel free to visit our facebook page for more information:

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khulani Pre-Primary Preschool
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